I’m a foreigner, here in Spain, where I’ve been living for the last ten years. My view of this country and its people has evolved over the years, as one can easily imagine, but I think I know now both the place and the inhabitants rather well. Here published on this blog are some entries about things that have caught my attention during my time here. I believe they’re relevant to the Spanish lifestyle, although I’m aware that everyone may have their own opinion and that another foreigner, talking about his own experience, could write something completely different. Therefore, this blog is available for anyone who wishes to mention something about their Spanish experiences.

Some time ago, I came across this book: ‘Spain, the Root and the Flower’ (an interpretation of Spain and the Spanish people), by John A. Crow. Together with its interesting presentation of Spanish History, I enjoyed reading about the Spaniards’ mentality and way of life. In actual fact, I share most of the Author’s views. Therefore, I decided to write a synopsis of his work, and here it is, illustrated with my own pictures.